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Animal breeding & genetics


The Animal Genetics and Breeding programme is a multidisciplinary group devoted to research and transfer in quantitative genetics and genomics aimed at the study, conservation and breeding of animal populations.

The main lines of research form part of the social challenges of the H2020 and address the study of the genetic regulation of characters of economic and social importance (feeding efficiency, product quality, longevity and resilience), as well as the development of new strategies for the selection and conservation of swine, rabbit and poultry species.

It also participates in conjunction with biomedical research groups in research using swine as a model. The programme is also responsible for the management of the Spanish Swine Database (BDPorc), which provides companies in the pig farming sector with information to help them in their decision-making. Since 2014 it has been recognised by the Government of Catalonia as a Consolidated Research Group on the Management and Improvement of Animal Genetic Resources.

· Head: Raquel Quintanilla

· Researchers: 9

· Support staff: 13

· Work centres: IRTA MonellsIRTA Torre MarimonIRTA Fruitcentre

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