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ECO Ametlla: Introduction of new productive models for the cultivation of almonds in ecological

Starting date: 11/10/2018 End date: 30/09/2020
Programme: Fruticulture

Financing entities:

The cultivation of the almond tree has undergone a very important change, after the incorporation of the new regadíos, of the late and extra-late varieties and the new productive models, which has caused that now they can already obtain productions superior to 1,500 kg of almond in grain and hectare.

Once farmers have achieved this progressive change in the profitability of almond cultivation, the next step is the search not only for economic sustainability but also environmental and food, through the introduction of organic farming in the crop. It is intended to work with different production models in organic production, which agglutinates the activity in different plant materials of almond, different designs, and different types of agronomic management to obtain a product with zero waste and a sustainable environmental management, basic aspects in organic farming.

This project will provide the sector with the necessary knowledge to choose the varieties and / or rootstocks that present a better agronomic and productive behavior (as a reduced susceptibility to different pests and diseases) and choose the best productive model and the most efficient management under the condition of the ecological production. In addition, the availability of a reference demonstration farm will serve the sector, technicians, advisors and farmers, in order to transfer and show the results of experimentation and technological innovation.