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IRTA centers

IRTA Monells


Finca Camps i Armet

17121 Monells

GPS Coordinates:

Longitude: +41° 58′ 34.02″,

Latitude: +2° 59′ 51.35″

Director: Joan Tibau

Tel: 972 63 00 52 1402
Fax: 972 63 09 80

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Building A, New Technologies and Food Process: 4.050,82 sq. m. of  surface and 3.746 useful sq. m. distributed in: Pilot floor, 2.542,01 sq. m. Offices, 1.026,19 sq. m. Lab, 25 sq. m. Corridor for visitors, 250,01 sq. m. Machinery room and extra rooms, 130,21 sq. m. Extra premises, 77,40 sq. m.

Building B, Food Technology: 2695,3 sq. m. distributed in: Pilot floor, 800 sq. m. Auditorium, 192 sq. m. (including dressing rooms, toilets, etc.). Staff canteen and toilets, 88 sq. m. Sensory analisys room, 23 sq. m. Machinery room, 65 sq. m. Offices, 665,2 sq. m. Labs, 569 sq. m. Warehouse and courtyard, 293, 1 sq. m.

Building C, Porcine Control and Evaluation:

  • Offices and dressing rooms: 500 sq. m.
  • 4 animal control industrial units: 2.000 sq. m.
  • Pre-control and animal control with automatic and individual-consume systems, climatic and animal behaviour monitoring.

EVAM, Monells Bovine Station

Unit A:

  • 120 production cows in cubicles covered with biomass, in grups of 20. 15 troughs and 4 drinking troughs.
  • 2 x 10m milking room with identity detectors and mechanical vertical movement of the separating fences. 
  • Hose and animal weighing and selection equipment.
  • Kitchen, dressing rooms and staff toilets.
  • Meeting room.
  • Vet intervention preparation room.
  • Pressure equipment room, washing machine, cauldron, etc. 
  • Milk tanks room (6.000 + 4.000).
  • Milk quality analysis equipment room (-1 floor).
  • Authomatic feed mixing and individual distribution system (1st floor).

Unit B:

  • Scrawny and brave cows with troughs and access to pasture zones. 

Unit C:

  • Calves on weaning process and growing-

Unit D:

  • Covered with fodder and straw.