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Food Safety and Functionality


The scientific scope of this programme covers three main fields: (1) the development, optimisation and validation of analytical protocols based on chromatographic techniques and sensors for the detection, identification and quantification of chemicals as well as ‘omic’ technologies for the rapid detection, identification, typing and quantification of microorganisms; (2) the extraction and characterisation of bio-based components of interest to the agri-food sector, including nutrients and bioactive compounds mainly from sustainable sources (biorefinery) and microorganisms (probiotic, starter and bioprotective cultures); and (3) the assessment and design of food processing and preservation strategies to improve chemical and microbiological safety and extend the shelf-life of food. Emerging approaches based on predictive microbiology are developed and applied to design food safety management tools.


· Director: Sara Bover
· Researchers: 6
· Support staff: 5
· Work centre: IRTA Monells


Relevant scientific publications:


RibasAgustí, A., Díaz, I., Sárraga, C., GarcíaRegueiro, J., & Castellari, M. (2019). Nutritional properties of organic and conventional beef meat at retail. Journal Of The Science Of Food And Agriculture, 99(9), 4218-4225. doi:10.1002/jsfa.9652

Jofré, A., Latorre-Moratalla, M., Garriga, M., & Bover-Cid, S. (2019). Domestic refrigerator temperatures in Spain: Assessment of its impact on the safety and shelf-life of cooked meat products. Food Research International, 126, 108578. doi:10.1016/j.foodres.2019.108578

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